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[World Anvil] – Goldleaf Bank – The World Bank

Goldleaf Bank – The World Bank

Your money is our money

— Motto of Goldleaf Bank

 Founded in 447, the Goldleaf bank was the result of 7 years of planning and talks. Whilst not the one of the first task successfully completed after the alliance of the House-Nations, it was arguably one of the most successful. Up until it’s founding, each house nation had it’s own banking and currency systems. The Gold Leaf system (as it was originally called) was designed to act as a neutral and central bank to facilitate exchange and currency conversion, for a nominal fee of course. Each of the Great-House nations has a representative on the board of directors and takes turn in running the bank for the year. The current leader is Brotherhood of Hooded Mercy . The idea ran thus: For example, Wh...

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