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[List] – 20 classes for magical school

Just started Magi-Uni? What class are you looking forward to and which are dreading? This list taken from “Quick Generator – Magic Schools & Classes

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D20 Class
1 Adapted Technomancy
2 Allegorical Magnetism
3 Altruistic Blessings
4 Ancient Enchantment
5 Astral Augerys
6 Beginners Curses
7 Crucial Legerdemain
8 Demonic Trickery
9 Dwarven Mentalism
10 Goblin Chi Magic
11 Helpful Protection
12 Imperial Illusion
13 Inappropriate Wishes
14 Military Books
15 Stellar Creation
16 Supreme Magic
17 Tertiary Voodoo
18 Troll Writings
19 Useful Incantations
20 Vile Geomancy

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