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[World Anvil] – Forge of the Supreme Weapon

Forge of the Supreme Weapon

Each time she swung her hammer against the metal I swear the sparks would change colour. One moment they are bright red, the next an amazing green, then a sky-blue. I was later told this was the reaction of her hammer and the anvil, molding the power provided by the flames of the forge itself. Each spark was a manifestation of the Holy Blacksmith into the material plane. Each blow of the hammer was a prayer, each folding of metal an offering. If the smith was worthy and said the right words, Her spirit would become imbued into the weapon or armor, improving the quality of even the most humble of pieces

 The Forge of the Supreme Weapon (FSW) is an unusual item in that it is used to make other items...

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[Weekly Update] – 30th of October 2019

That time of the week again.


This week saw the release of the latest in the Equipment Maker series , namely “Equipment Maker 9 – Scrolls” . It’s done ok sales wise, could be better, but could be worse. Still there was a sale on at the time and its not uncommon for items that are released in a sale at full price to not do as well – But not complaining, just an observation 🙂

World Anvil

The process of going through older WA articles and tweaking them to be in Easthalen continues with “Farbrough Penal Colony”, a remote prison island in a hard to reach location and genraly speaking, pretty damm miserable place to be incarcerated.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Observer is a brilliant and in my opinion underrated cyberpunk-horror game – it’s defiantl...

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[PDF] – Equipment Maker Volume 9 – Scrolls

Equipment Maker Volume 9 – Scrolls

Everyone who goes on an adventure uses equipment. Without it, their adventuring days would come to a halt quite quickly.

For magic users, a scroll is a potential source of power and abilities, often temporary. For explorers, it might be a map, for artisans, a blueprint of how to make a long-lost item. And for others, it might simply be a letter home.

The Equipment Maker series is designed to help you expand and flesh out descriptions of various types of equipment, in this case being scrolls.

What will your party find? A scroll leading to lost treasure and adventure? Or a treaty that has been missing for years that might stop or even start, a war…?

Featured tables:

  • Bar – The item that helps with reading/holding the scroll
  • Container – What the scroll may b...
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[List] – Trap Concept

Traps make dungeons fun* Add some to your dungeon…today!

*Fun may be a subjective experience

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Trap Concept
1 Blinking Chain
2 Breaching Flower
3 Compelling Gemstone
4 Deafening Box
5 Devouring Armor
6 Disease Spreading Wood
7 Distorting Shield
8 Flying Basket
9 Freezing Crossbow
10 Freezing Vest
11 Growing Fountain
12 Impaling Table
13 Intoxicating Net
14 Poisoning Shoe
15 Reaching Pants
16 Scowling Gemstone
17 Shrinking Glove
18 Singing Brush
19 Swaping Web
20 Teleporting Lock

 Where to find & support Ennead Games online
Online Stores
DrivethruRPGOpen Gamin...

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[World Anvil] – Farbrough Penal Colony

Farbrough Penal Colony

Where some of the worst are sent for their crimes

“Welcome to Farbrough Penal Colony, your new home”

— Wardens “Welcome” speech to new inmates

 Farbrough island is a remote island that can only be accessed by a 30 mins boat ride. It sits off the mainland and is surrounded by shark infested water that is bitterly cold, even in summer. It is about 2 miles across and relatively flat, but with high cliffs and only one beach, with little to no natural wildlife. It was all these details that made Farbrough Island the ideal place to build a prison colony. Built around 147 years ago, Farbrough Penal Colony originally had just one prison area. The rest of the island was left open to the wilds...

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