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[Weekly Update] – 2nd of October 2019

Get comfy, got a fair amount to cover this week.


The new PDF for this week, “Empire Builder – Rumours and gossip” came out. Although part of the Empire Builder range, it can be used for any fantasy genre type setting or story. This has done quite well so far so the chances of a Sci-Fi/Modern version being made is looking good.

World Anvil

The last WA article covered Erus Campbell, a world famous diplomat and negotiator. Easthalen, despite it’s many flaws is one of relative internal peace. Minor skirmishes and the like do occur, but, for the most part, all out war with other House-Nations is a thing of the past. Demonic invasions, undead plagues, spells gone wild…thats another thing….

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World Anvil Easthalen Page


STA is back…but it it almost was...

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