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[World Anvil] – Staff of Hearing

Staff of Hearing

“It was just laying there at my feet, after he dropped it there. My head was still ringing from the blow I had received from it. But when I picked it up, my hearing cleared. I could hear properly. Not only that but I could hear the assassin trying to creep up behind me..I could here his heartbeat, the rustle of his clothing. I could hear his companion in the next room, holding her breath and the rush of air as his arm moved to strike. It was the last move he ever made…”

 This staff is made from a smooth mahogany style wood, which has been stained a deep reddish-brown colouration. It has on the top a gold head, with various symbols and marks on it. One of these symbols is of the maker and it resembles what some say is an eagle, yet others say is a bat...

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