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[Weekly Update] – 9th of October 2019

Weekly Update time!


No new PDFs this week. Next weeks one is planned to be one that has been sitting in the “to do” pile for a while and is squad nickname quick generator. Designed, as the name suggest, to give a miltitary type squad, or those who draw influences from them a nick name.

World Anvil

Something I am trying to get together is a list of World Building questions/prompts, with the eventual goal of making them into a pdf for publication. This of course will be used to flesh out the world anvil site/Easthalen. Speaking of, last weeks one was an update to an old article, the Staff of Hearing.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


ESO is progressing very nicely right now and I think I can say that thew new internet setup is working great! Will definatl...

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