Daily Archives October 16, 2019

[Weekly Update] – 16th October 2019

Time for another update and news about whats being going on in my part of the world/internet.


The latest PDF “Squad Code Name” is now on sale and can be found HERE. DTRPG will be having a Horror themed sale starting at some point today. I’m in the UK they are in the US an I dont know what time it will start, but when I do I will post on twitter about it.

The next PDF Equipment Maker – Scrolls , should be out start of next month. A lingering migraine/headache is making it hard to work, not helped by the persistant rain and lack of sun here in London right now. Damm you SAD!

World Anvil

The latest WA article “Scroll of the Conclave” was directly related to the previous weeks article, Erus Cambell, and is one of the most powerful artifacts in Easthalen...

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