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[World Anvil] – Golden Statues of Oong

Golden Statues of Oong

Golden, mysterious and bound together across the world.

I have seen 3 of these things so far. Great big statues , each one the same: Tall, golden, unmarked by the passage of time, with an arm out raised. I found one whilst fleeing a manticore, who when they came close fled, screaming like a kicked pup…the silence around them is almost deafening…

 The Golden Statues of Oong are named after the first person believed to have discovered them, Sellianous Oong , a female orc explorer down on their luck. The story goes that she found the first statue deep within a jungle and that led her to the second and so on. Sadly the location where she discovered the statue is not important, due to the fact that they move once a certain condition has been met. The 12 statues...

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