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[List] – 20 Names for super-heroic people

As the title says, todays list gives you 20 names suitable for meta or empowered individuals, with a mixture of feminine, neutral and masculine names.

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D20 Name
1 Duke Formidable
2 Empress Unreal
3 Lady Majestic
4 Lord Great
5 Marchioness Determined
6 Marchioness Talented
7 Miss Inquisitor
8 Mister Punch
9 Mother Apostle
10 Mr. Daunting
11 Mrs. Fighter
12 Prince Architect
13 Prince Seer
14 Princess Element
15 Professor Tank
16 Queen Delightful
17 Senorita Sensational
18 Senorita Stone
19 Senorita Unbeatable
20 Sister Gifted

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[World Anvil] – Helm of the Horse

Helm of the Horse

Unleash your inner horse

The Horse Helm is quite impressive really. The High Priest used it to channel the power of his horse-god. It makes me laugh that people think it’s only restricted to horses. It’s not that limited. I have seen someone become a centaur, and even what resembled a dragon-like monster. The funniest use was when my good friend Bert wanted to become a centaur, but he had never seen one before and got a horse head and body of a man, I had never laughed so hard in my life!

  The user of the Horse Helm in effect can transform into any quadruped, but horses are the most common used and for many the easiest to mentally come to grips with. The more potent the form, the harder it is to stay in that shape...

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[Weekly Update] – 27th of November 2019

As it is the day known as Wednesday, it’s time for the weekly update


Resource Pack Volume 1 – Science Fiction was released on Monday and has done quite well – almost at 50 copies sold!

Got a nice deal planned for post Xmas. More details later 😀

World Anvil

Another older article was updated to Easthalen – The eye of explosive light!. The WA folks have made the page/article editor WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) – For me that makes things a ton easier as you can see in real time what your edits and articles will look like.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


  • ESO – Almost at the end of the current area – But reaaaaly need to sort out inventory
  • STA – The last STA game…phew…that was a corker...
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[PDF] – Resource Pack Volume 1 – Science Fiction

Resource Pack Volume 1 – Science Fiction

Its game night and you realise you have not prepared much. Maybe the regular GM was ill, and you have taken over for them or other real-life events have prevented your normal preparations. Your players find something and ask you about it…Then you realise…You don’t know what to do, and your normally awesome imagination fails you.

The Resource Pack series is designed for just the moments. A series of handy tables that cover some of the prompts and aspects you might need when telling a story or playing a game. Some tables are more suitable for Gms and Storytellers, others more for the players and the rest are suitable for both equally. How you use these prompts and ideas are up to you.

Featuring 20 x d20 tables to help with the following:

  • Alien Artifa...
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[List] – 20 gang or group names

Simple one today – 20 gang or group names. and yes #11 is intentional.

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D20 x
1 The Crystal Spiders
2 The Dead Performers
3 The Diamond Guild
4 The Eastern Sisterhood
5 The Emerald Barbarians
6 The Hateful Pack
7 The Hells Union
8 The Icy Demons
9 The Immortal Mob
10 The Invisible Soldiers
11 The Nameless Ones
12 The Neutral Owls
13 The Old Wasps
14 The Plundering Companions
15 The Pure Squad
16 The Rebel Blades
17 The Seven Clan
18 The Slippery Insiders
19 The Sneaky League
20 The United Fraternity

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