Daily Archives November 13, 2019

[Weekly Update] – 13th of November 2019

That time of the week again!


My latest PDF – “Quick Generator – Afterlife Namer” is out now and gives you a quick system for coming up with a name for the place where souls would go when they pass on.¬† Its a bit different from my normal ones in that on table one, the first 50 entries have a “good” vibe to them and the second 50 have a “evil” vibe, with good and evil being subjective of course.

Currently working on the first of a “resource pack” – A collection of tables that GMs and Players¬† sould find useful, based around a theme. Things like common tables, and so on. The first theme will be Science Fiction. Aiming for at least 20 x d20 tables, probably end up with more.

Lastly, thinking of having another “epic cheap bundle” sale in either end of December of January – Where any PDFS...

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