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[Weekly Update] – 4th of December 2019

Only a few more weeks left of the year!


Resource Pack Volume 1 – SciFi” came out last week and is already a Copper Seller which means its in the top 10%, well 9.02% of products!

Next week, the next in the Real World Name Maker Series comes out and is based on German Names.

World Anvil

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar hosted by Janet and Demteris of World Anvil on Saturday as part of Dragonmeet. Some good points raised, especially the “5 World Building Questions” plus had a nice chat with the folks from Project Deios as well regarding the software they are bringing out. Really looking forward to seeing it in action.

Last weeks updated WA aricle was called “The Helm of the Horse” and it allows the user the channel the power of a horse-like god.

World Anvil Article Page


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