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[World Anvil] – Albedo’s Surgical Scissors

Albedo’s Surgical Scissors

The arrow was in deep, too deep. If it was pulled out it would do a lot of damage, but it could not be left in there. The only choice was to cut it out. Luckily for the patient, my mentor Albedo, had gifted me his enchanted surgical scissors. Placing them against the wound the scissors begun to work on their own, cutting the flesh around the projectile, the patient was in no pain, in fact, they seemed to relax. The arrow-head was loose and could be removed. The flesh had grown back a small amount, enough to help us close the wound.

 The Surgical Scissors were originally made for a surgeon who saved the life of a powerful cleric. His god demanded the debt be repaid and so the cleric made him a set of tools to help in the task...

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