Daily Archives December 11, 2019

[Weekly Update] – 11th of December 2019

That time again to cover what I been upto and EG related things.


The PDF for this week was released called “Name Maker Real World Volume 2 – German” – Has done reasonably well, but is a bit of a niche product so I am not expecting mega sales from it – That’s not putting it down just I know  the it covers a very small area , especially when compared to others I have brought out.

In January I will probably not be bringing out any PDFS as I take some time off and do some needed prep for real life stuff – So I still have an income, I will be doing something – if you follow me on Twitter

World Anvil

Two new things regarding WA this week – The first is another updated Article – The Surgical Scissors – World Anvil Article Page

The second is something I am nerding out about – A dictiona...

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