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[List] – 20 SciFi Material Names

You are workin in your lab and come up with the design of a new sci-fi material? But what do you call it? The list below has 20 such names for your new material. What does it do…? Do I look like a scientist to you? 😉

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D20 SciFi Material
1 Active Hafnium
2 Advanced Polyester
3 Chrono Cobalt
4 Conductive Graphene
5 Disrupted Fiberglass
6 Energetic Seaborgium
7 Exotic Cotton
8 Fluxing Leather
9 Indestructible Yttrium
10 Layered Plasma
11 Liquid Metal
12 Non-flammable Rubber
13 Perfected Cadmium
14 Solidified Wool
15 Stabilised Iridium
16 Stretched Titanium
17 Synthetic Cable
18 Tempor...
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[Weekly Update] – 29th of January 2020

Last update for my semi-break time. Its been relaxing for the most part and given me the time i needed to at least start on various IRL projects and things that have been needing to be done.


World Anvil

As I mentioned before, I want to go into more details of my gameworld Easthalen. Starting next week I’ll be covering the major gods, not inc Halen and the minor ones...

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[List] – 20 Magical School Classes

What class is your wanna be arcanist, wizard or spellcaster want to attend at magical college?

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D20 Magical Classes
1 Adapted Conjuration
2 Astral Blessings
3 Contemporary Philosophy
4 Crude Superstitions
5 Demonic Trickery
6 Elven Artifacts
7 Essential Divination
8 Helpful Auras
9 Historical Battle Magic
10 Imperial Summoning
11 Indispensable Chaos
12 Kobold Emblism
13 Lycantthropic Augerys
14 Misleading Astrology
15 Moral Occultism
16 Mundane Hemetics
17 Stellar War Magic
18 Superficial Books
19 Supreme Exorsism
20 White Communication

 Where to find & support Ennead G...

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[Weekly Update] – 22nd January 2020

Not a big update this time as am supposed to be resting/relaxing/haveing time off 😉


The bundle deal is going very well – Over 300 PDFS for a silly low price of $36 – Until 3rd of Febuary

Ennead Games 2020 Mega Bundle!

World Anvil

One thing I plan on doing , once i find a good format to work with, is to detail the various major deities of Easthalen. But before I do that there has to be an introduction to the nature of the gods from this world.

Latest/Updated World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


STO is in full swing on Tuesdays now and getting quite higher numbers compared to other days.

This Friday, will be playing one of the Jackbox Games pack probably the 3rd one but not 100% sure on that yet.

Twitch – Main


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[Sale/Offer] Ennead Games 202 Mega Bundle

Ennead Games 2020 Mega Bundle!

A reminder in case you missed it last time – only a couple of weeks left to get this amazingly good value deal!

Things have got to a point where I need to take some time-off, yet still need to have some cash coming in. It’s nothing bad, just there are many things I need to do IRL that I don’t have the chance to do and they are stacking up. Plus I need some proper time of to rest.

So, I decided to hold a mega-bundle deal sale!

Normally, the bundle would cost $578.36 if purchased individually.

But for the remainder of January (and a couple of days in February) you can get it for…


Yup, you read that right, $36...

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