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[World Anvil] – Port Ar

Port Ar

“Port Ar is the last stop before you get to Guldaria ,. Trust me, you better off dealing with this borderline lawless place than the hyper regulated ones in that place. I hear they have guards that read your mind there! Here? Keep your business legit, pay your taxes and fee’s and all is good…And sorry about the dead bodes there…”

– Typical conversation with new visitors to port Ar

Port Ar (Sometimes jokingly referred to by outsiders and visitors as Port Arrrrr) is the northern-eastern most port of the Elf-Dwarf Alliance . It is believed the name came form a noise/sound one of the founders made in frustration over trying to decide on the name. Other tales say that its orginal name was much longer and complicated but started with Ar and the shorter name stuck...

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