Daily Archives January 15, 2020

[Weekly Update] – Date goes here

Just a quick one today as I am technically supposed to be off-work and resting, so will keep things brief 🙂


The “2020” Mega bundle is selling quite nicely. There is a lot of PDFS in it, so will just put the link HERE so you can see for yourself.

World Anvil

No article last week, as I was sorting out a technical issue I was having, with mega thanks to the great people on their Discord for giving me pointers and things to try. I am still not sure which one of the suggestions worked, but the timeline issue seems to be sorted.

World Anvil Easthalen Page


The streaming continues. Two games , ESO and STO have hit major milestones, with ESO going to the orginal end-game region and for STO the end of my favourite arc , the Iconian War.

Twitch – Main https://www.twitch...

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