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[List] – 20 Disease Names

Diseases is something that every world/universe has. It can destroy empires, bring down the mightiest of queens and even wipe out whole cities. They can even be a source of advneture as people rush to find a cure for a loved one. They all, eventually, have a name and this list gives you 20 of them,

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D20 Disease Names
1 Agonising Deterioation
2 Agonising Insanity
3 Dragon's Gout
4 Embarising Flux
5 Etheral Sores
6 Gnomish Toes
7 Grey Knee
8 Horse's Foot
9 Jaundiced Miasma
10 Mummys Allergy
11 Ogres Consumption
12 Painful Atrophy
13 Prickly Necrosis
14 Spotted Allergy
15 Spotted Toes
16 Twist...
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