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[Weekly Update] – 5th of February 202

Just a quick one today as I have a headache that’s threatening to turn into a migraine (yay….)


Equipment Maker SciFi Edition Volume 2 – Mechs is now out!

The next two planned PDFS are :

  1. A Real World Name Maker
  2. Disease Details, suitable for most genres

World Anvil

Getting back into the flow of things and the next new WA article should be out tomorrow (assuming I can head of the migraine) and will cover the basics of the gods and pantheons of Easthalen

World Anvil Easthalen Page


  • M – ESO – Getting close to the end of the base campaign now. Still got a ton more to do but will be playing this for a long time
  • T – STO – The new ship, Vessel 3 of 4, aka the USS Big Boi, borg Juggernaut is a freaking beast , plus the ground stuff is highly amusing when you assimiliate 6 klin...
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