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[World Anvil] – Aerna – Deity of Trade/Commerce and generosity

Aerna– Trade/Commerce, generosity

Blessed Merchant Aerna

Wealth is not the issue, its what you do with it what matters

— Tenets of Aerna

Pronunciation guide: A-er-nah 

Aerna is unusual for a trade deity. Many promote greed and acquisition of wealth over anything else. Aerna requires that those who seek her favour to acquire wealth in an ethical and legal way, then to make sure that wealth is used productively. Hoarding wealth just for the sake of it is a sure-fire way to have her displeasure aimed in your direction. Saving up for a goal is allowed and encouraged, especially if it benefits others or will have a lasting positive impact. Aerna is not only a deity of trade, of commerce, of currency and transactions, but for fair trade and treatment...

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