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[List] – 30 Sci-Fi Weapons

This weeks list gives you 20 sci-fi themed weapons, or weapons that might be found in a sci-fi setting but could be considered an old design thats been updated.

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D20 SciFi Weapon
1 Acidic Connector
2 Anti-Proton Torus
3 Arcing Sub-space Barrier
4 Caustic Maser Arrow
5 Chronometric Tracking Cutter
6 Cloaked Digitizer
7 Electric Disrupting Mace
8 Ethereal Delaying Artifact
9 Fragmenting Teleporting Cannon
10 Gamma Beam
11 Gatling Shot
12 Impacting Claymore
13 Nannite Infused Buster
14 Particle Thermic Halberd
15 Plasma Saber
16 Quad Draining Pellet
17 Quantum Assault Howitzer
18 Siege W...
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