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[Weekly Update] – 19th of Febuary 202

It is Wednesday and that time of the week again.


There was a PDF out this week, Real World Names Danish, but after some particular nasty comments from people I removed it from sale. Other projects are being worked on still, but frankly it pulled all wind from my sails and has made me reluctant to make any more in the series.

World Anvil

The first of the articles on the various gods of Easthalen has gone up and been updated – Aera, the goddess of trade and generosity.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


  • M – ESO – Was not in a good place mentally on monday so had to skip ESO. Something to be aware of is that ESO is going to have a BIG update next week, i think starting on the monday i normally play, so may skip it next week as well...
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