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[Weekly Update] – 26th of February 2020

It the middle of the week, so lets do this!


Ignoring the, lets call it “issues” of the last PDF, have finished work on the next quick gen “Alchemical Ingredient Names” and started work on another one – This second one is argualbly designed to be used with ships, but could easily be used for any sci-fi or modern setting with minor tweaking

World Anvil

Last weeks WA article covered Belia, the divine blacksmith.  Tomorrow/Thursday I will go over the cosmology of Easthalen and its moons, as they are tangibly related to the divine beings

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


  • M – SDV – With ESO having its big update, played another day of Stardew Valley – getting close to the harvest festival time and as a certain show once said….winter is coming!
  • T – STO –...
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