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[World Anvil] – The Cosmology of Easthalen

The Cosmology of Easthalen

“The Four orbit us, to remind us of the gods of old, not the new ones that took up the mantle when required. Would not surprise me if that is where they went, with each pantheon their own moon. Rather sad we cant go there….still..I am wondering why there are four….?”

The Four Moons

Easthalen is a world with four known moons. Other numerous smaller and irregular objects can be discovered. Old tales from Pre-Barrier times match up, mostly, with whats is currently observed in orbit. Due to the fact they are beyond the barrier, they can only be seen and not traveled to, even with the most potent of spells, due to the globe likeĀ Great BarrierOfficially, there are four objects classed as a “moon” in orbit of the world on which Easthalen sits.

  • Albias
  • Berona
  • Cha...
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