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Streaming Schedule Update

With me having got past the FFXIV bottleneck quest, I figured out yesterday that I need to update my streaming schedule and plans, so today – here it is! This schedule is starting from tonight (Thursday the 30th of April)

Updated Schedule

  • Monday –  Borderlands 3 (Then back to ESO once its done)
  • Tuesday – Star Trek Online
  • Wednesday – Guild Wars 2
  • Thursday –  FFXIV
  • Friday – Stardew Valley – Then the Assassins Creed Saga play through


As mentioned before, LOTRO is still a game i will be playing, but off stream as its a game that is quite slow paced and perfect for me to chill and relax with on a Sunday afternoon. Tonight’s FFXIV stream will be a test stream. I will be tweaking the settings a lot, getting things optimized and so on...

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[Weekly Update] – April 29th 202

That time of the week again 🙂


This week saw the release of the quick generator version of Quick Generator – SciFi Academy Class Names.  The extended version should be ut in just under two weeks, and will , like the expanded techno babble generator, have many, many more options – I worked out 75+ BILLION possible ones if you use up to three non-repeating descriptors, and frankly thats just silly numbers!

World Anvil

Last week saw the outline of Chekchek, the deity of chaos luck and chance – Their names comes from the language of their original people and is the sound that dice make when rolled.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Oooh boy – got some good news coming up for streaming stuff

  • M – BL3 – Had some major technical issue with the last BL3 ...
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[PDF] Quick Generator – SciFi Academy Class Names

Quick Generator – SciFi Academy Class Names

Anyone who joins a space-faring military-like organisation, or wishes to make a name for themselves amongst the stars, needs to bee educated in some way, and as a species spreads itself outwards into the void, the various subjects they might specialise in or that get taught back at home in a prestigious academy increases.

This Quick Generator gives you 2 x d100 tables to quickly come up with a name for those various classes with 10,000 possible combinations.

Although designed with Sci-Fi settings in mind this can also be used for a modern or near-modern setting.

Example Output:

  • Ethical Chaos Theory
  • New wave Engineering
  • Comparative Microeconomics

Available now at –


 Where to find & support Ennead Games online
Online Stor...

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[List] – 20 SciFi/Modern Academy Class Names

This list gives you some example content from the upcoming generators “Sci-Fi Academy Class Names” (Both quick and extended versions) – These are the names of classes that might be found in any sci-fi or modern world that has a focus on science – They might not be commonly found, that miht be very odd, or even seem contradictory, but if you learn something from it, then does it having a weird name hurt?

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Class Name
1 Casual Agrometeorology
2 Cerebral Sovietology
3 Collateral Ephemeral Phantasmology
4 Consequential Fungology
5 Doable Calculating Ktenology
6 Doubtful Agrobiology
7 Empathetic Gerocomy
8 Excellent...
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[World Anvil] – Chekchek, god of chaos, chance and luck

Chekchek, god of chaos, chance and luck

“Take a chance, roll the dice….whats the worst that could happen?”

-Common phrase said by those who follow/worship Chekchek

 Chekchek (sometimes spelled Checkcheck) is the god of luck, chance and chaos in all its forms. Many of their followers argue that true neutrality comes from being all things at once. Others believe that the nature of chaos and chance is something that is required for the universe to even function. It comes as a surprise that the god you would expect to be the most “evil” is quite good….in their own way…but you may not enjoy their methods of doing you a good deed. 

Early Life

 As with many others of the 2nd generation of deities, not a lot is known about their early life , apart from that which Chekchek chose to revea...

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