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[Weekly Update] – 1st of April 2020

This Wednesday update is brought to you by “I have hay-fever and the cat is shedding fur –  thats why i am sneezing…NOTHING ELSE”


Helpful List Arbitrary Collection 9” came out on Monday. One of the entries in it was originally related to diseases. I thought under the current circumstances that that might not be a great idea so i changed it to Deity Domains. Which got me thinking about domains and so on. The next planned PDF will be one thats gives 200 deity names and about 300 domains, so you could have, for example, “Xolotyl, God of fire” and so on.

World Anvil

The featured article last week was about the Godshards, an item that I originally created to explain how one of the wizard characters in my DnD game could take on a level of warlock.

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