Daily Archives April 2, 2020

[General] – Streaming Plans

I briefly mentioned this yesterday about my plans for streaming now that the STA campaign has ended. There is no time frame for this, its a “it will happen when it will happen” kind of thing, mainly because I dont know how long various bits will take to do, so saying “oh yes it will start in 3 months” will probably not be accurate.

Current Status

  • Mondays – Currently Borderlands 3 – Once the core game and current DLC (Moxxi Heist + Love and Tentacles) is done, then will be returning to ESO. There is a LOT of content for that game and more coming out in a month or so.
  • Tuesdays – Star Trek Online – There are only a few more arc episodes left, but there are some mini-arcs, side missions, battlezones and so on I have not touched on at all...
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