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[Weekly Update] – 8th of April 2020

It be Woden’s Day and time for an update as per normal.


Last weeks pdf “Helpful List Arbitrary Collection 9” was out and as its volume 9 in the series the idea of doing a compilation, both as separate pdfs bundle and a all-in-one-document, is an idea that will happen.

The next PDF , which is currently in “just have to put the info into the tables” stage is a supplement for “Deities and Pantheons” but can be used on its own. Its names is “Names and Domains” and gives you 200 ready to use, gender neutral (mostly) names and about 400 domains or areas of influence.

World Anvil

There was no WA article last week as I was expanding on my streaming plans.

World Anvil Easthalen Page


The streaming schedule is staying the same as before:

  • M – BL3 – Just finished the moxxi DLC and...
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