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[World Anvil] – Ediuan– Law & Order/Justice, honour

Ediuan– Law & Order/Justice, honour

“Without law, there is chaos: From chaos comes destruction, disaster and death…”

    • Precept 1 , Book of Ediuan


Ediuan was born to parents of nobility and high standing. A rich family, respected by many for the legal work they did for other rich families and, unusually for those without the funds. Into this family a child was born with stark white eyes, a major contrast to the black skin of her bloodline. Many saw this as an omen , a sign that Ediuan had been touched by fate and had a destiny to become great. Vert few knew just how great this destiny would be…   
Early Life
As with many of the 2nd generation of deity, only the details that she has passed onto her followers is known...

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