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[List] – 20 Smells

When exploring in a TTRPG, the environment is important, it can give clues to what may be nearby. An often overlooked descriptor is smells – a certain smell may tell you a undead creature is nearby, or a potent gas cloud or more!

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D20 Smell
1 beeswax
2 burnt toast
3 clean ocean
4 feet
5 fog
6 glue
7 incense
8 lavender
9 maple syrup
10 mouldy-wet swamp
11 peeling an orange
12 roast meat
13 rotting fruit
14 rotting fruit
15 sandalwood
16 sawing wood
17 smoky lamp oil
18 sour old sweat
19 stale alcohol
20 sun-dried clean laundry

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