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[World Anvil] – Chekchek, god of chaos, chance and luck

Chekchek, god of chaos, chance and luck

“Take a chance, roll the dice….whats the worst that could happen?”

-Common phrase said by those who follow/worship Chekchek

 Chekchek (sometimes spelled Checkcheck) is the god of luck, chance and chaos in all its forms. Many of their followers argue that true neutrality comes from being all things at once. Others believe that the nature of chaos and chance is something that is required for the universe to even function. It comes as a surprise that the god you would expect to be the most “evil” is quite good….in their own way…but you may not enjoy their methods of doing you a good deed. 

Early Life

 As with many others of the 2nd generation of deities, not a lot is known about their early life , apart from that which Chekchek chose to revea...

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