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[List] – 20 SciFi/Modern Academy Class Names

This list gives you some example content from the upcoming generators “Sci-Fi Academy Class Names” (Both quick and extended versions) – These are the names of classes that might be found in any sci-fi or modern world that has a focus on science – They might not be commonly found, that miht be very odd, or even seem contradictory, but if you learn something from it, then does it having a weird name hurt?

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D20 Class Name
1 Casual Agrometeorology
2 Cerebral Sovietology
3 Collateral Ephemeral Phantasmology
4 Consequential Fungology
5 Doable Calculating Ktenology
6 Doubtful Agrobiology
7 Empathetic Gerocomy
8 Excellent...
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