Daily Archives April 30, 2020

Streaming Schedule Update

With me having got past the FFXIV bottleneck quest, I figured out yesterday that I need to update my streaming schedule and plans, so today – here it is! This schedule is starting from tonight (Thursday the 30th of April)

Updated Schedule

  • Monday –  Borderlands 3 (Then back to ESO once its done)
  • Tuesday – Star Trek Online
  • Wednesday – Guild Wars 2
  • Thursday –  FFXIV
  • Friday – Stardew Valley – Then the Assassins Creed Saga play through


As mentioned before, LOTRO is still a game i will be playing, but off stream as its a game that is quite slow paced and perfect for me to chill and relax with on a Sunday afternoon. Tonight’s FFXIV stream will be a test stream. I will be tweaking the settings a lot, getting things optimized and so on...

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