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[PDF] SciFi Academy Class Names – Extended Edition

SciFi Academy Class Names – Extended Edition

Anyone who joins a space-faring military-like organisation, or wishes to make a name for themselves amongst the stars, needs to be educated in some way, and as a species spreads itself outwards into the void, the various subjects they might specialise in or that get taught back at home in a prestigious academy increases.

The Quick Generator edition gave you 2 x d100 tables to quickly come up with a name for those various classes with 10,000 possible combinations – This one cranks that up by many notches and gives you 400 * 1200 possible combination, and even more if you use the extended descriptors option!

Some of the results you get may not, at first glance, make sense or seem very close to others, if not the same just with a different name – T...

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