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[World Anvil] – Meavona – Love/Relationships

Meavona – Love/Relationships

“The best relationships you will ever have in life, are those with people you choose to let into your life at the same time they let you into theirs” 

– Typical quote from a Meavona advocate

 Pronunciation : Me-a-vona


 Like all the Second Generation, Meavona was born mortal to a family that, whilst not abusive as such, was negligent. Left alone for most of her childhood, she wandered the streets of her home, the location and details of got removed when she ascended to divinity. What records she did allow to remain tell of a childhood filled with misery and border-line abuse. Meavona original species is believed to have been the so-called halfling.   

Early Life

 At some point, Meavona escaped the border-line abusive family she was ...

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