Daily Archives May 20, 2020

[Weekly Update] – 20th of May 2020

Howdy folks – It update time. A quick one this week.


The Sci-Fi version the rumour generator is done. It’s basicaly a re-skin of the fantasy version, with some tweaks to make it more fitting for a sci-fi setting and so on.

World Anvil

Last week I showed off Meavona, the goddess of relationships and love.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


AS mentioned last week, I have, for the foreseeable future , stopped streaming. I will still be playing the games like STO and so on, just not streaming them. Essentially, streaming was starting to affect my mental health in a way i didnt realise until last week and the update issues with windows 10 borking my audio was the straw that broke the camels back...

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