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[Weekly Update] – 3rd June 2020

Update time!


Rumour Maker – Sci-Fi Edition” is out and thanks to a very nice shout out from someone (*cough*thankyoueric*cough) got a good bit of publicity. The next planned PDF is sort-of related and is one that can be used for both fantasy and sci-fi and is a a name maker for The Void/Space.

World Anvil

Last weeks article about Tembius, god of Time for Easthalen, was one of my favorites to write as it delved into the lore of the world a bit more.  Tomorrow I will be reposting an editing/tweaked version of another of my favourites.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page

Other Stuff

Mental health is on the upturn, even if with the increase heat here the body is going “bleeergh” lol...

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