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[List] – 20 names for The Void

Today’s list is a two-for-one in that you get something to use AND its a preview of the result you can get with the upcoming Quick Generator of the same name. The Void can be an expanse or area that is missing something, a rip in the fabric of reality, an area of space where nothing exists or anything else of a similar nature. Some examples names are listed below.

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D20 Void Name
1 The Anchored Passage
2 The Ancient Break
3 The Brutal Decimation
4 The Brutish Annihilation
5 The Calming Limbo
6 The Ceaseless Nothing
7 The Eager Extinguishment
8 The Ebon Crevasse
9 The Fierce Inconsistency
10 The Fractured Dept...
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