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[Weekly Update] – 10th of June 2020

Hello – Its that time of the week again!


Last PDF was “Rumour Maker – Sci-Fi Edition” and has reached Copper status :D. Content and layout for the next PDF – “Names for the Void” is done.

The next few planned PDFs will be Quick Generators – To give me time to work on the next larger project. There will also be a compilation of pre-done results from various quick generators in a collection of d100 tables, a variation of the helpful list series. Name to be determined later.

World Anvil

Last weeks article was about a major event in Easthalen’s hisory – The Spell Cascasde. A wave of magical energy that had lasting effects for the world, especially Corlak.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page

The details of the Lawful side of the deities of Easthalen has been done...

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