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[Weekly Update] – 17th of June 2020

It’s update time !


Quick Generator – Void Name Generator” came out this week. It gives you names for rifts, areas of nothingness etc, that might be encountered in games.

The next PDF is planed on being a Dino name maker – taking the more common parts of dinosaur names, adding in other terms to expand things and giving you a new dinosaur name – yes there will be a chance to accidentaly roll for existing dino names, cant be helped 😉 Like some other Quick Gens, there is a companion pice planned to go along with this, a Dino Generator/Tweaker where you take an existing dinosaur or new one and come up with details for it.

World Anvil

Missed the WA update last week  – my bad, was working on something else and forgot.

World Anvil Easthalen Page

Other Stuff

I mentioned above was wo...

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