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[List] – 20 MagiTech Concepts

Magic and Technology are things not normally found together , as they are diametrically the opposite. But sometimes, when they are found merged into one thing, they can be quite potent. This list gives you 20 ideas for MagicTech Items.

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D20 MagiTech
1 Astral Resistor
2 Clerics Bay
3 Dwarven Console
4 Elven Calibrator
5 Enchanting Injector
6 Geometric Aligner
7 Gnomish Conditioner
8 Good Aligned Scanner
9 Healing Device
10 Heated Synthesizer
11 Hidden Inductor
12 Lawful Harmonizer
13 Omni Reducer
14 Orchish Terminal
15 Overpowered Generator
16 Phantasmal Manifold
17 Primal Nutation
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[Weekly Update] – 29th of July 2020

Howdy folks, its that time of the week again!


The Christmas in July sale at DrivethruRPG has ended and for me at least, it went rather well. The next planned PDF was originally going to be¬† Quick Generator, with two d100 tables, but had so many ideas for the tables that instead made it into its own generator, with 6 x d100 tables (divided up into 2 * 3 tables) – Its Cocktail Names!. The next related PDF will, like the pizza generator, have details that could, in theory, make a real-life cocktail, with ingredients, extras, mixing style and so on. Don’t blame me if you make it and get ill heheheh

More PDFS are being uploaded to itch every weekday. Its surprisingly easy to do so. I think I have, out of all the items I want to upload there I am about 75% done...

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[List] – 20 Cocktail Names (preview)

This weeks list is a preview of content that can be made by an upcoming PDF named, originally “Cocktail Namer”. This is going to be a two-part mini series of PDFs with , like the Dinosaur nameer and details, one will give you a name and another details and the two are designed to go together or separate as needed.

The question now is would you drink something from this list if all you saw were the names?

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D20 Cocktail Name
1 Amazing Martini
2 Autumn Slammer
3 Crazy Snowball
4 Eastern Gimlet
5 Fantasy Lager
6 Foul-Mouthed King
7 Heated Joy
8 High Kirsch
9 Lecherous Whiskey
10 Lemonade Sling
11 Nasty Sherry
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[Weekly Update] – 22nd of July 2020

Time for the weekly update!


No new PDF last week as DrivethruRPG is running their “Christmas in July” sale, with many Ennead Games pdfs 25% off!

More items are being added to the store every weekday. Between the widgets and ease of uploading products I am really liking how they work. A few minor niggles with things (such as putting the dates in for bundles and sales, sorting out the main page and setting up early bird discounts dont seem to work properly – but they could be an issue my end) but overall very impressed with things.

Site Generators

Related to the above, I have started to go through  and begin the updating of the generators on the site to the new format. One of the things I love about is the ease of making the various pdf widgets...

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Christmas In July Sale 2020

Christmas In July Sale 2020

This is the time of year when Drivethru has its annual “Christmas in July” sale and Ennead Games is taking part.

Until the 27th of July, with some wiggle room to allow for timezones, most of Ennead Games PDFs are 25% off – Newer titles and bundles not included.

Some highlights include:

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