7 May 2021

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400 Twitter Give away details and mini-sale

No new pdf or Rpg round up this week, trying to catch up on some much-needed work. But, I do have two things that might tickle your interest…

400 Twitter Follower Giveaway

Once Ennead Games hits or is getting 400 followers on twitter, I’m going to be running a giveaway for your choice of ANY three(3) non-bundle items on Drivethru.

The rules are simple:

  1. You must be a follower
  2. Make a post with the hashtag #EGTGA400
  3. One entry per user – unless you are using rule 4
  4. Optional – Something amusing alongside it, such as a gif or joke, keep it safe for work thanks!
  5. Optional – RT about the giveaway

You can post/RT beforehand if you want. By Monday, the 29th of May 9 AM London time, the time for entries will close and a random entry will be chosen. I’ll then contact you via Twitter DM to arrange what prize(s) you want.

Mini Sale

I’m doing a mini-sale on the following items, until May 29th.

Backgrounds and Details 2 [Normal Price – $2.50 Sale Price – $1.50]

Campaign Chunks Compilation – [Normal Price $9.99 Sale Price – $5.99]

Adventure Outline Maker Sci Fi Edition – [Normal Price – $1.99 Sale Price $1.05]

Deities and Pantheons [Normal Price – $1.99 Sale Price $1.19]

Demonic True Names, Use Names & Titles [Normal Price – $1.99 Sale Price $1.19]

Tavern Kit 2 [Normal Price – $1.99 Sale Price $1.19]

Wild West Names & Nicknames [Normal Price – $1.99 Sale Price $1.19]

Novus Draco [Normal Price – $1.99 Sale Price $1.19]

Fantastic Feats Volume 52 – Critical Feats [Normal Price – $1.99 Sale Price $1.19]

Superlative Spells Volume 4 – Auras [Normal Price – $1.99 Sale Price $1.19]



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