24 September 2021

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5 Adventure names and plots

Towers of the Demon queens
The main characters must assist a construct on a battlefield but have to contend with a merchant while being confronted by an abduction.
They are rewarded with training

Riddle of the Wizards Tower
The main characters agree to do a favour for (x) and speak with an animal on a road but have to contend with a shadowy figure while being confronted by trickery.
They are rewarded with a discount (Duration:3 weeks)

Unknown Keep of Freya
The main characters must guide a creature at a bazaar but have to contend with an assassin while being confronted by desperation.
They are rewarded with a magical plant

Canyon of Madness
The main characters are asked by (x) to protect a princess at a wizard’s tower but have to contend with a former ally while being confronted by race.
They are rewarded with powers/abilitys

Tower of the Hill Giant
The main characters respond to a plea for aid from (x) and must contend with a rival at a hamlet but have to contend with a dragon while being confronted by Gods.
They are rewarded with thier freedom


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