15 June 2021

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Roll a D20 and get a random drink for your thirsty party members.
Some questions you may wish to ask yourself are?
  • What do they taste of?
  • What do they look and smell like?
  • Do they come in particular containers?
  • How do they affect different races? Are they favored by one race?
  • Local or national drinks?
  • How much do they cost?
  1. Spring Rye Blonde Lager
  2. Goblin Mountain Blonde Beer
  3. Strawberry Blonde Ale
  4. Plai Rye Bitter Beer
  5. Human Wheat Pale Stout
  6. Summer Wheat Red Beer
  7. Summer Rice Red Beer
  8. Rice Blonde Lager
  9. Chocolate Mountain Bitter Ale
  10. Marati Kanaheluth Pale Lager
  11. Human Barley Pale Ale
  12. Rye Cream Lager
  13. Smoked Lager
  14. Cherry Ale
  15. Strawberry Stout
  16. Manticore Amber Stout
  17. Summer Rice Amber Beer
  18. Strawberry Bitter Beer
  19. Troll Rice Bitter Lager
  20. Summer Bitter Lager
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