Assorted Slang and Terminology – Volume 1 – Thieves Cant and the RPG-blog Round Up

Assorted Slang and Terminology – Volume 1 – Thieves Cant

Thieves Cant, sometimes referred to as the Cant, rogues’ cant or TC for short, was/is a secret language formerly used by thieves, beggars and hustlers in Great Britain and other English-speaking countries.

It is a common trope of the fantasy genre – a series of coded words of phrases so the rogues and thieves can talk about various activities

There are two chapters provided here. One is English -> TC and the other is the reverse, TC -> English.

In the E – > TC translation, if there are multiple versions they are separated by a comma. These can be regional variations and so on.

Some sample translations:

English —> TC
Betrayer – turncoat
Constable – harman, myrmidons
Cutpurse – nipper

TC —> English
Academy – brothel
Beak – judge
Cackle – inform

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