7 May 2021

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BDK generator expanded

Added some more details to the BDK generator today. This time, you’ll get the characters languages, their competency with each language, their general literacy level and their looks/apparent age has been added as well.

Background & Details
Quick Age Adult
Gender Female
Species Orc
Profession Assassin
Personality Terrified
Family Parents Mother Alive and well
Father Alive, but ill/weakened/old etc.
Marital Status Still together, Mother having known affair
Relationship with character Only in contact on holidays
Siblings Siblings 1 sibling (younger Female)
Personal Relationship Personal Relationship In a relationship, partner having an affair (known affair)
Children Children No children
Friends/Enemies Friends/Enemies Enemies with a Female Goblin Artist who is Sexy
Physical Details Size/Weight in relation to typical Height 4 % above
Weight 1 % above
Looks Looks/apparent age Much older
Background Hometown Hometown name Cartgrove
Distance to Hometown Current location
Time spent there Moved in last 2 weeks
Size of hometown Small City
Primary aspect/nature of hometown Trade
Residence type there Large
Income Primary Income source Mining/Resources
Secondary Income source Mining/Resources
Languages Language Home/Native, Common and Gnome Ancient dialect – A few words wrong
Literacy Literacy level (general) Illiterate
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