24 September 2021

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Bladed Weapons Details generator now live

This week is the turn of the Bladed Weapon to be added to the equipment generators.

There will be no gen next week as I am taking a week off. The last couple of years has caught up with me and I need a rest for a week. This week am taking it easy, but next week will be off. I’ll be highlighting some older generators – If there are no new gens for a week I’ll be showing off an older one.

Click on the link in the header of the example below to be taken to the gen page.

Blade Details
# Name Finish Hand Guard Handle Inlay Pommel
#1 Unripe Iron Short Protection – Rust Mythical Beast Horn Star Iron Ridged Calamine brass Words/Runes – Mundane Iron Circle
#2 Draining Khanjar of the Honourable Wraith Sand Blasted Chrome Animal/monster Platinum Grip No Inlay Steel Gemstone
#3 Cracked Dagger Glossy Steel Animal/monster Marble Ridged No Inlay Nickel Point – Curved
#4 Bulbous of the Slow Gnoll Oiled Steel Star Obsidian Curved No Inlay Bronze Teardrop
#5 Unnerving Animal Horn Long Oiled Ceramic Star Iron Narrow No Inlay Ivory(Fake) Fist/Hand
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