11 April 2021

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Campaign Chunk 9.5 – Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings near Luxor, Egypt.
Valley of the Kings near Luxor, Egypt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9.5 – Valley of the Kings

The original Valley of the Kings(VotK) is a location in Egypt in an area sometimes referred to as the Theban Hills. As the name suggests, it is a valley where, for a period of time of around 500 years tombs had been constructed for the ruling Pharaohs and powerful nobles. Many worlds have a similar location somewhere with the same name. They all tend to be in desert locations with very little rainfall, as this helps to preserve the bodies and remains.

The VotK covers an area around of 60+ tombs. There is a flood control system that the ancient Egyptians created but, mysteriously, failed to maintain. The valley itself is cut from a mixture of limestone and other sedimentary rock.

The VotK on Earth has become a popular destination, not only for tourist hoping to see the tomb of Tutankhamun but for archaeologists and historian hoping to uncover a hidden secret or lost knowledge about the area. Sadly in som aspects this has caused problems, with the area becoming damaged and in some places vandalised, from tourists wish to take home a piece of memorabilia to those who seek destruction for destruction sake.

Hooks & Rumours

  • On another continent, a location has been discovered that bears an uncanny resemblance to the VotK. But within there are almost no bodies or artifacts, apart from the main tomb.
  • One tomb has been found with zero markings but a high number of items and artifacts. There is no evidence that the tomb has been tampered with, so why are there no indicators who was interred here?
  • Tomb Robbers have been found dead outside one of the tombs. No obvious markings indicate how they died, but they all had big grins on their faces and early reports suggest they died laughing.
  • Scientists researching the “curse of the tomb” believe they have discovered a new super-strain of a bacterium that produces an effect similar to the ones that affected many explorers in years gone past.
  • An area underneath a small tomb has been discovered that leads to a massive chamber filled with bones and remains. The bones are mostly adults but there are few children as well. No record of this so-called lost chamber have been discovered so far and a few are suggesting it dates several centuries from before the valley was first used in an “official” capacity.
  • A famous tourist has gone missing at this location and needs to be found ASAP. The local authorities are requesting help on the matter.
  • The tomb of Ramses VIII, as yet to be discovered, has many explorers looking for this tomb. A few believe they have found the location and are seeking permission to dig for it, but for some reason, they are being denied and stonewalled by the controlling authorities.
  • A bomb was discovered at one of the tombs. If it had gone off many people would have died and areas of the valley destroyed forever. The local terrorists groups are not claiming this as one of theirs and evidence is starting to mount that it came from further afield.

Inspired by: Valley of the Kings

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