6 May 2021

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Campaign Chunk – Aber Naver, maker of “Dress of Flesh”

In the art world, there is a group of people who like to make art that is considered to be controversial. Some paint sexual imagery, others carve suggestive sculptures. Aber Naver is one of these artists. Aber is quite a young artists, but his work is known the world over. The chosen medium is animal meat/flesh. Using a unique chemical the flesh is preserved and prevented from rotting and degrading. It also makes it easier for Aber to work with. His first collection(that got him noticed in the art world) was called “Chimeras” and was a mix of various animals sewn together, such as a sheep head on a giraffes body or the wings of a bat attached to a crow. The joins between the animals seem perfectly natural and some believed they was in fact new species and not a mixture of two or more creatures.

His latest creation, which regarded as his finest work to date, is called “Dress of Flesh”. This is what it sounds like – a dress made from flesh. The flesh is a mixture of fine leather and various animal flesh. Sadly due to the chemicals used in preserving the base materials, the dress is not suitable for wearing, making Aber deny anyone wanting to use it, despite many offers to be allowed to wear the dress which could make Aber a VERY wealthy person.

Hooks & Rumours

  • One of Aber Naver’s rivals is claiming that one of his most famous sculptures “Man from Beast” is in fact made from human flesh and not animal meat as is claimed by Aber.
  • The chemicals Aber uses to preserve and work the meat are only made these days by one particular local company. Last night the company’s office was burgled and the formula for the preservation chemicals stolen.
  • Aber has been approached by a mysterious method to make a ‘real’ Dress of Flesh made from human skin. Aber is hiring the party to investigate who this is and report them to the authority’s with proof as the thought of this, ironically, disgusts him.
  • A charity auction is being held with Aber selling off his “Chimeras” collection. The party has been hired as security for the event to guard the artwork.
  • Aber’s accountant has gone missing, just after a massive sale of his artwork to a major collector. Rumors abound that some kind of embezzlement had occurred but A wants the accountant found ASAP.

This was created based on the ideas in this post:

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Article Used as Inspiration: Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic

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