7 May 2021

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Campaign Chunk – Item/Event – The Grevalian Report

The Grevalian Report is both an item (the report itself) and the inquest that lead to its creation. It is a simple document, but it contents are what make it noteworthy. Over a period of several months, information was collected, corroborated and put down in the official record. This report is a record of the abuse and torture carried out in the name of security and protection. The information within is counted as being “Classified”. Many top government officials are waiting to read this report, while others have taken “holidays”.

If this information was to fall into the wrong hands it would cause a great deal of embarrassment and problems for the current government.


  • The GR details cover the actions of a nation that has historically been peaceful and kind. If this was to get out it would undermine the nations reputation as a neutral and trusted party.
  • As above, only this time it is a set up by another nation to incriminate the peaceful neutral nation
  • This report must be hand derived to the nation’s capital as the regular carrier company used for such dispatches is one of the ones mentioned in the report and not in a favourable way
  • The author and head of the report has been found dead. Clues suggest that not only was the death in fact a murder, but, that the author has hidden a true version of the report, that contains some information that other will pay , or kill, for.

This was created based on the ideas in this post:

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Article Used as Inspiration:Valech Report

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