10 April 2021

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Campaign Chunk – Monster – Giant Polyopisthocotylea

Monster – Giant Polyopisthocotylea
Other names:The Giant Flatworm, Crawling Sucker, (Something that is not said in polite company)

The Giant Polyopisthocotylea(GP) resembles it’s smaller cousin, except in its size and the fact it has a rather nasty beak-like orifice, which doubles as the creatures waste disposal location. It is roughly half the size of a typical human and found in swampy or very wet areas. They are hermaphroditic with functional reproductive organs of both sexes occurring in one individual. Its prey of choice is any large mammal. In many ways this creature resembles the leech, but it has a grayer tone to its semi-transparent skin.

Where did the worm come from?
The current theory is that exposure to some kind of radiation,, mutated the beasts ancestors. Another theory is that it was the result of an experiment in combining its cells with those of creatures who can regenerate, like certain lizards. By all the laws of nature, a creature like this should not exist at this size, yet, it does.
Rough Stats (1-10 scale)
[Anything not listed can be assumed to be an average for a creature its size/type or 0, whichever is appropriate]
Body – 5 – The GP is quite tough, but once you break through its skin it can die very quickly
Mind – 1 – The creature runs on pure instinct
Speed – 5 (damp wet like areas), 2 on dry land for brief periods, 1 after being on land for more than 10 mins.

Special Attacks

  • Absorb – The creature can absorb and then digest anything organic it can engulf, but this takes a very long time
  • Blood Leech – If the GP manages to get close it can latch onto and drain health from it;s victim, giving it the temporary ability to regenerate. Doing so also has a small chance of giving any survivors a disease.
  • Hooks – Can latch onto soft tissue with barbed hooks it can create at will. These do small amounts of damage when attaching, but twice as much when being removed

Special defences

  • Doesnt need to breathe
  • Can compress its body down to about 1/10th of its original size to fit through narrow openings
  • Regeneration



  • Fire
  • Drying out
  • Slashing based weapons do more damage
  • Anything inside/absorbed can still do it damage, but at a reduced rate

Hooks & rumors

  • The “flesh” of the GP when boiled and cooked correctly is considered a delicacy in some areas
  • The regeneration ability is something that many doctors and those with a scientific mind wish to study, but it needs to be alive
  • Locals in a nearby swamp have been going missing and reports of a GP the size of a small elephant abounds
  • Certain materials repel the beast. This needs to be tested.
  • The creatures blood makes for a very potent hallucinogenic drug, but the creature must be kept alive and fed regularly

This was created based on the ideas in this post.
The monster stats and details are expressed in generic terms to allow for use in as many games and genres as possible. As with other Campaign Chunks this is designed to be used as a starting block for your own ideas.

Article Used as Inspiration: Polyopisthocotylea


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